DAT Fleet

Current DAT LT fleet consists of 11 modern aircraft: 1 x A320, 2  x Saab 340A, 2 x ATR42-300/320,  3 x ATR42-500 and 3 x ATR72. 

SAAB340, a passenger aircraft produced in Sweden, is one of the best choices for regional flights considering reliability, speed and design.   

ATR42s are produced in France. It is one of the most popular 40-50 seats turboprop aircraft type in Europe.  Its perfect reliability and optimum performance have made ATR family aircraft leaders in regional operations. About 700 ATRs have been delivered to the operators in 72 countries worldwide.  

DAT LT operates 1 ATR42 full cargo and 1 quick change cargo/pax aircraft. 

ATR42-500 has 46 seats and is a newer ATR42 version.

ATR72 aircraft is similar to ATR42 with passenger capacity increased to 66-68 seats.